7 considerations when building a home that’s comfortable in summer 

When building a new home in Australia, home owners often want to maximise their ability to keep their homes cool throughout the hotter months (and warm in winter), with minimal reliance on air conditioning or none at all.

We’ve compiled a list of some important factors to consider when building a home with summer comfort in mind:


Thermal insulation installed in ceilings, external walls and under the floor helps to reduce the transfer of heat into the home, providing extra comfort in warmer months. CSR Bradford Insulation offers a range of insulation solutions for home owners to suit different climate zones and stud sizes.



Efficient ventilation is essential for keeping homes cool, replacing warm inside air with cooler fresh air from outside. An adequate ventilation system such as the Odyssey range of home ventilation from CSR Edmonds, is often more cost-effective to run than an air conditioning system and also contributes to the health of the home by removing excess moisture.


Roof tiles can contribute to the insulation of the house, especially concrete or terracotta tiles. The colour of roofing can also make a big difference to whether it absorbs or reflects heat. Some councils have requirements for roof colours so homeowners should be sure to check with them first. Monier has a range of tiles designed for the Australian elements and can advise on what will be best suited to the individual project.


Innovative glass solutions for windows such as double glazing, can greatly impact the thermal properties of homes, letting in natural light without emitting radiant heat. Experts in glass, Viridian Glass, offer materials that provides superior insulation and enhanced solar control to help keep spaces comfortable.

Sarking or wall wrap

As well as controlling condensation and acting as an air barrier, sarking can be used to improve thermal insulation and energy efficiency. As the design of the sarking arrangement is complex, it should be undertaken by the appropriate professional.

Walling and flooring

Using walling and flooring systems designed to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter is one of the best ways to build an energy efficient home. Hebel products have superior insulation qualities compared to brick and concrete, which can save homeowners in energy costs and earn the home half a star more in energy star ratings. Find out more about the insulation qualities of Hebel here.

Location, location, location

An experienced builder will ensure the positioning of the property is well-suited to the elements the home will experience, taking into account factors such as whether windows can be shaded in the middle of hot days, or if outdoor spaces will take advantage of shading trees.

By building a home fit for summer, home owners can not only cut their environmental impact, but also increase their comfort levels whilst decreasing electricity costs. Considering all of these necessary factors will help ensure a new home will be kept as cool as possible throughout Australia’s often scorching summer.

Are you building a summer-ready home with Hebel products? We’d love to hear from you.

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