Making Hebel work for your home

Hebel wall, floor and fencing systems offer a range of benefits to homeowners including quick installation, impressive thermal qualities and acoustic performance, environmentally friendly and non-combustible materials, and a safe choice for bushfire zones.

On top of these benefits is the design flexibility offered by Hebel, with homeowners able to create the function and look that they desire when using the different product options offered by Hebel to build their external walls, floors, and fences.

External Walls

Hebel’s PowerPanelXL external wall system uses Hebel 75mm thick Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels that are steel reinforced with an anti-corrosion protection layer. The panels are extremely strong and durable as well as ideal for bushfire prone areas.

The system comes with the benefits that Hebel is loved for, as well as delivering a contemporary style in a range of finishes, colours and patterns. Homeowners wanting to move away from traditional brick can not only create a stunning home that fits their style – such as a clean, rendered look – but also get to enjoy the performance that comes with it.

Take a look at our Hebel Home Gallery here, and find your home inspiration.


Our PowerFloor system delivers the solid feel of a concrete floor at a lower cost, and without the ‘squeak and bounce’ of particleboard. The system consists of 75mm Hebel AAC panels containing steel reinforcement with an anti-corrosion protection layer, ensuring maximum strength and durability.

Installed over steel or timber joists, the PowerFloor system provides an outstanding flooring solution for suspended ground floors or mid-floors. Once completed, it provides a solid base for just about any floor covering.

Homeowners can use PowerFloor to create the look and feel they desire for their home whilst also enjoying excellent thermal and acoustic benefits, without the cost of concrete floors.

Ceres House by Solar Solutions Design


For homeowners wanting to enhance the look, security and value of their home Hebel PowerFence is the ideal choice. Our innovative, solid fencing system is versatile, easy to install, and attractive as the final touch to any home.

An alternative to standard masonry for front fences and perfect for boundary fencing, PowerFence uses standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm Hebel panels, steel brackets, and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected without excavation. The lightweight panels are ideal for renovators looking to build the perfect fence around their dream home.

Homeowners wanting to construct a property that suits their needs and offers the flexible benefits of Hebel products, should seek out a qualified builder or Hebel installer. Search for Hebel specialists on our website and start building your dream home.

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