Why Ozperform and Hebel are a good fit for each other in diverse building situations

Ozperform Constructions Pty Ltd has always put quality and diversity at the top of its list when delivering services to clients.

From its beginnings, therefore, it was natural for the company to specialise in Hebel’s versatile and innovative range of products.

Founded 10 years ago by Peter Rooke (above photo) and Brad Steel, Ozperform supplies and installs quality masonry and AAC products and services for clients in the commercial, industrial, utilities and residential sectors.

“We consider ourselves a masonry company specialising in Hebel AAC, and we also offer rendering and texture coating as well as brick and block laying services which complement Hebel installations very well,” said Peter.

He said the Hebel systems had the benefits of being lightweight and easy to install.

“We can get them into places that bigger materials can’t get access, which is a major benefit,” he said.

“They also have exceptional fire rating and acoustic performance.

Hebel fire and acoustic rated walls installed by Ozperform Constructions for new car park.

Hebel’s benefits make it a good all-rounder

“All these advantages make Hebel a really good all-rounder, unlike a lot of other products that just specialise in a particular area and address a particular concern. For us, Hebel has the big advantage of addressing a variety of concerns that arise in construction. There’s no sector of construction that can’t achieve benefits by using Hebel.”

Based in North West Sydney, with offices at Prospect and Lower Portland, Ozperform has completed projects not only in the Sydney area but all around New South Wales and also in Melbourne.

A recent high profile project for Ozperform involved a major refurbishment of the Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney, including the conversion of two floors of car parking space into a single storey discount store.

“In order to enclose the two-storey car park area we used 150mm Hebel panels that were five metres high, and could therefore be installed quickly,” said Peter.  “It was a very quick and efficient way of achieving the boundary wall that was needed. The wall had to be fire rated, it had to have acoustic performance, it had to offer security for the shopping centre and it had to blend in with the existing structure. With the Hebel material we used, and the way we installed it, we ticked all those boxes.”

Hebel foodservice hygiene walls installed by Ozperform Constructions.

Using Hebel to good effect in food environments

During the six weeks they worked on the Broadway site, the Ozperform team also used Hebel to good effect in the shopping centre’s interior.

“We did a lot of Hebel block work inside in the new food court, installing all the intertenancy walls for the different food servery areas,” said Peter. “We often do jobs like that, because commercial food premises can’t have cavity walls. Their walls must be solid to ensure there is no space inside them where insects and vermin could breed. Hebel is a standout product in this respect and we do a lot of fitout work in the food industry for that reason.”

Other major projects for which Ozperform has used Hebel Commercial Wall Systems recently include refurbishment work at the Windsor, Penshurst and Padstow RSL Clubs.

“In the pub and club industry, it’s almost automatic to specify the use of Hebel wall systems whenever there’s an upgrade in a food area,” said Peter. “It’s well known that it’s solid and it doesn’t leave any cavity for pests and vermin in the kitchen environment.

“We’re also using it a lot in external cladding situations. The number of areas it can benefit just keep growing.”

Delivering a better alternative to concrete with Hebel load bearing flooring system

Ozperform continue to demonstrate the distinct advantages of the load bearing Hebel PowerFloor+ flooring system as a lightweight and cost effective alternative to concrete in commercial applications.

“We have recently completed a large 200mm Hebel flooring installation at Barangaroo. We’re currently installing Hebel 200mm flooring systems for the old NSW Leagues Club building refurbishment and another huge 200mm Hebel PowerFloor+ flooring project that will add two more levels on top of the Rydges Sydney Central Hotel in Surry Hills” said Peter.

In relation to its diversity, Peter compares Hebel with his own company.

“Ozperform set out to be versatile and Hebel does the same. We’re a really good fit together, “he said.

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