Ausmar Homes’ attributes a strong customer focus and quality product to their ongoing success

Building homes throughout Queensland from Gympie to the Gold Coast, Ausmar Homes is a multi-award-winning home builder that has previously taken away the HIA Professional Builder of the Year Award 3 years in a row.

Sean Fraser has been with Ausmar for twelve years, working his way up from Scheduling Manager, to now working in a dual role as Construction Manager and Business Unit Manager.

Sean explains that while building homes is an everyday occurrence for the business, for residential customers it is often a “once in a lifetime” experience, encompassing the biggest purchase they will ever make in their lives. Part of that commitment to a great result with minimal fuss is the choice to use Hebel for a large number of builds.

“Hebel is used throughout the business on a regular basis because of benefits like ease of construction and reduction in site wastage. It’s a smooth system to work with out on site, which not only assists site supervisors, but also gives customers a good quality finished product with flat walls and great finishes. Wherever we have render, we generally apply Hebel.”

Ausmar Homes’ Aura Display (The Staten) located in Caloundra, QLD.

Sean highlights the appeal of the “flatter than brick” finish that Hebel PowerPanelXL provides and notes it’s not just a pretty face – the advantages over standard masonry when it comes to the energy savings (R-ratings) provide benefits to the customer long after the build is completed.

An “unsung hero” of their builds, Sean says in a decade of building they’ve never had an issue or complaint from a customer about Hebel systems, and this universally positive response is why Ausmar use Hebel.

“We’ve never had a single customer complaint about Hebel in twelve years. Everyone’s always happy with the product and finish.”

Sean says one of the focuses of Ausmar, and the reason the business has grown consistently year on year, is their unwavering commitment to delivering a great quality product with a fantastic customer service experience. Working in a transparent way, keeping customers informed throughout every step of the process, the aim is to reduce the stress of building with a “hassle free” policy.

Ausmar sees the customer experience component as equal in importance to the quality of the build in many respects. Choosing to use Hebel is one of the ways Ausmar takes care of customers, during the building process and throughout the long life of their builds.

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