Bevan Geissman on creating outstanding communities with Hebel

Since 2003, Halcyon has been developing over 50s residential communities in south-east Queensland with the aim of creating the greatest homes and lifestyles for Australian seniors.

Bevan Geissman, Joint Managing Director of Halcyon, explains how they deliver the best living experience for retirees.

“We’re not a transaction. We don’t sell, build and leave. We sell, build and stay,” he explained.

“We try to build a great product. We try to provide customers with a great lifestyle and we try to provide them with an asset that, should they need to leave in the future, will remain high-quality and very sellable,” he added.

And Halcyon are able to do this by working with the highest quality building products, like Hebel panels.

“If you go through the history, I think we were amongst the first to use Hebel PowerPanel in the country..and we use Hebel because it’s good. It’s actually very simple,” he added.

Bevan argues that Hebel cladding is an asset to Halcyon homes that customers particularly relish.

“Our customers appreciate the quality of Hebel and they appreciate the benefits it delivers,” he said.

“Hebel looks good and it’s got a nice finish, everybody understands that – but we help educate customers on the performance benefits as well. We had a Performance Centre at Glades, and it was actually a garage fit-out to show the benefits of Hebel,” Bevan said.

“And we let customers come in and see, touch and feel the place. The buyers sort of understood the benefits then, but when they moved in and lived in a Hebel home for a couple of months – they definitely noticed the difference,” he added. 

“We have display houses that sit there in all weather environments, so if you go in during the summer – you can walk into them with no air conditioning on and still feel comfortable. And we do that on purpose! We say ‘look, it’s a hot day. Just feel the difference.’ And when there’s construction onsite we ask if they can hear it when they’re inside, and they say that they can’t. So our display homes are living examples of how well Hebel performs for us.”

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