Dulux AcraTex coating provides long-term performance benefits to Hebel

Hebel AAC is a high performance building product that delivers fantastic benefits to projects and homeowners.

Every Hebel panel for an external walling system has a special coating system applied, enabling it to perform better than other masonry products over time.

The primary coating system, Dulux AcraTex, has been specifically designed to accommodate the dynamics and insulation properties of Hebel.

John Dimoglides, General Manager of Dulux AcraTex, believes the benefits of the coating system are experienced by the residents of Hebel buildings for years to come.

“The coating system includes a base layer, followed by a flexible acrylic texture coating, and then a high-performance weather-proofing coat,” John explained.

John Dimoglides – General Manager of Dulux AcraTex

“The coating layers work together to provide greater thermal insulation benefits to the consumer. So, any solar energy that hits the building is absorbed by the coating, not the Hebel substrate itself. Because of this, the home doesn’t heat up as quickly,” he said.

John believes that in addition to providing greater thermal insulation, the coating system lends to the sustainability of a building and lowers maintenance requirements.

“There are a number of examples of different facades with the coating that are up to thirty years old and still require minimal maintenance. The Dulux AcraTex coating system for Hebel should allow the customer up to fifteen years of low maintenance performance,” he added.

In terms of environmental sustainability, Dulux AcraTex delivers an industry-leading eco-friendly product that is unique to the market.

“From the design to the manufacture of the products, what we supply is up to the highest standards of environmental sustainability in the world. And when you put a litre of Dulux AcraTex coating on a building, it will last longer than any other coating,” he said.

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