Sunland Group builds better with Hebel

Sunland Group on the Sunshine Coast regularly exceeds client expectations, with unique designs and an exceptional look with every build.

During the past three decades Sunland Group has delivered some of Australia’s most renowned architectural landmarks and an impressive portfolio of vibrant, design-driven residential communities.

Riaz Rezvani, Housing Manager of Sunland Group, attributes much of the success of their projects to working with Hebel.

“We use Hebel to provide many benefits to our homes. Hebel has a lot of great thermal and acoustic qualities and it creates a very even surface for different textures to be applied,” he explained.

However, after working with Hebel for over twelve of his twenty five years in the industry, Riaz considers the main benefits to be cost-cutting and sustainability.  

Hebel homes built by Sunland Group

“Hebel helps make the construction process quicker. And if you’re building faster you end up saving money,” he said.

“When you’re working with bricks, there is a lot of wastage. For example, if we need half a brick, we’ll take a full brick and cut or chop it with a hammer, and simply throw the rest away. With Hebel, there is far less waste. You make use of almost 99.9% of what you buy,” he said.

Riaz finds that building with bricks creates a financial problem because there are more costs associated with the messiness of the building process.

“When you work with bricks, you have to pay for the bricks in the beginning, then pay for the site to be cleaned, and pay for somebody to take away the waste. All of these costs are heavily reduced when working with Hebel because it’s much cleaner and produces less waste,” he said.

However, the costs associated with this wastage are not Riaz’s only concern.

“At the end of the day we want to be a responsible company and build in a way that is sustainable and has a lower impact on the environment. That’s why we build with Hebel,” he said.

If you’d like to cut costs in your next project and begin building in a more sustainable way, get in touch with CSR Hebel on 1300 712 896.


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