Hebel’s fire resistant properties made it the perfect fit for this bushland home.

High winds, extreme temperatures and a restrictive landscape didn’t deter The Colour Royale Design Group’s founder and principal designer Aaron King from successfully executing a family home project located on the edge of the bush in WA’s South West.

The build of the home, located on a rural block in WA’s South West region, was not without its challenges – the location and nature of the site meant strict material and construction requirements to ensure the structure met necessary compliance ratings.

“The location is susceptible to unpredictable weather – at times, it can be a high wind area exposed to somewhat extreme temperatures; being hot in summer and quite cold in winter” Aaron explained. “The soil in the area is clay-orientated so the build lent itself to a timber-frame construction, however due to the constraints of the bushfire rating we had to use certain products to comply with the required BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating.”

With a clear vision in mind for a unique and contemporary construction, TCR Design group did not want to compromise on the overall look and impression of the build.

“We started investigating construction options and Hebel came about because it met all the requirements of the BAL rating, while also allowing for a quick build. Not only that, Hebel’s fire resistant properties offered us more flexibility in terms of what we could clad the building in – meaning we had more options available to us to achieve the desired aesthetic”

This elegant family home isn’t that of a typical house. Featured in the June edition of House & Garden magazine, its open-plan style incorporates connecting pavilions, showcasing the surrounding environment whilst still maintaining privacy and protection from the elements. The use of Hebel allowed for more design flexibility when it came to the overall look of the project.

Photograph, Dion Robeson. Builder, Built By S.

“The design is basically 4 different pavilions that all have a linking spine of rammed limestone with Hebel boxes which we were able to clad in different materials,” Aaron said. “The materials used in this home are rather unique. There’s a number of different timbers on the outside, rammed limestone and also flat and perforated Corten sheets. Using Hebel as the base enabled us to utilise varied claddings and retain a large scope of textures and materiality to achieve the realisation of the design.”

Dion Robeson
Anna Flanders
Built By S.

For more, visit The Colour Royale Design Group’s website or Instagram page.

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