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Founder and principal designer of RESIDE Studio, Aaron King, thrives on the challenge of creating unique, cost-effective and energy-efficient bespoke housing solutions to the WA market. The design and build of ‘K Residence’ in the Dunsborough region of WA combines these elements to deliver a striking yet functional family home.

Sitting on the edge of bushland, this stunning WA home boasts contemporary design with sturdy and durable construction, the home is able to easily endure the unpredictable weather of the surrounding environment. Despite the home being situated in a high bushfire zone, RESIDE Studio didn’t allow the restriction of materials to hinder the look and performance of the final project, but through clever use of BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rated materials achieved an outcome which simply speaks for itself.


Aaron discovered the advantages of using Hebel for the build went far beyond BAL ratings. The necessity for the family home to be a tranquil, yet stylish and easy-living functional space was paramount. In a climate renowned for being temperamental, the use of adaptable materials that would maintain a comfortable living environment throughout the year, as well as protect the home, made a huge impact.

“Hebel provides superior sound insulation qualities. In an area which can experience high winds, the fact that Hebel effectively cuts out so much of the exterior noise is immensely beneficial and a notable feature of the home”.

“A key feature of the design was to achieve a solar passive house – there is no air conditioning so orientation is an important part of its design. The home is north-facing and the choice to use Hebel, combined with insulated glass means we were able to keep the temperature in the house really consistent. Simply there is no need for air conditioning to cool or heat the place.”


While this was the first project where RESIDE Studio have utilised Hebel, it certainly won’t be the last. Following the success of this home, Aaron and the team are now looking at ways to incorporate Hebel into upcoming projects, with no intentions of slowing down.

RESIDE Studio pride themselves on delivering unique contemporary designs which are attainable to the WA residential and small commercial market. “At the moment most of our designs are primarily residential, however building on our recent success we are progressing into pre-designed modular housing at an affordable price, multi-residential and commercial projects”.

Dion Robeson

Anna Flanders

Built By S.

For more, visit RESIDE Studio website or Instagram page.

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