Why Hebel Matters – A History

In the first instalment of our series on Why Hebel Matters, we take a look at the historical journey of the Hebel system – from its humble beginnings in Germany in the 1940’s, to its introduction into Australia and emergence as one of the premier alternatives to standard masonry products on the market.

Hebel is made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) – a lightweight and environmentally friendly material first developed in Scandinavia in the 1920’s. AAC initially experienced a rapid rise in popularity throughout Europe due to its superior insulation properties and ease of installation.

It wasn’t until decades later that the full potential of AAC was realised. In 1945, German construction engineer Josef Hebel pioneered a manufacturing process where prefabricated AAC panels were reinforced with steel – vastly improving the material’s strength and structural reliability.

Engineer, entrepreneur and Hebel inventor Josef Hebel

The patented product, which he named ‘Hebel’, also accelerated the traditional time of construction. It became instrumental in the rapid rebuild of destroyed German cities from WWII. With this local success soon came global expansion, as Mr Hebel constructed factories in the Middle East, Asia and Greater Europe.

In 1989, leading Australian building company CSR recognised a local need for an alternative to standard masonry products. Combining their longstanding industry knowledge and expertise with the globally recognised product – the brand ‘CSR Hebel’ was born. The first manufacturing plant was built in Somersby NSW, with the first AAC production in Australia commencing in 1990.

Since then, CSR Hebel has developed an impressive portfolio of projects right across Australia. Our systems have featured in a raft of residential, commercial, industrial and civil buildings. From beautiful custom-made homes to large-scale apartment complexes, Hebel is a system that is suitable for a wide range of building applications.

Some of the most notable projects include:

Today we continue to lead the way in sustainable building solutions for a market that has become increasingly demanding of systems that are not only kinder to the environment – but also deliver the desired insulation and acoustic benefits to their inhabitants.

CSR Hebel is committed to providing products and systems to even more Australians into the future – ensuring there will be people who love coming home to Hebel for many years to come.

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