Why Metricon Uses Hebel In their signature homes

Named Australia’s number one home builder in HIA’s HOUSING 100 report this year, Metricon aims to be the best building company in Australia.

Metricon’s General Manager for Victorian Housing Peter Langfelder says; “our goal is clear; we want to deliver outstanding homes to our customers”.

For this reason, Metricon uses high quality products like Hebel in their builds.

“Around six years ago we were looking for something different; new cladding systems that could be a point of difference aesthetically, as well as providing a functional alternative to brickwork.”

Metricon strives to lead the building industry by pushing boundaries and making innovative moves, explaining why they were quick to introduce Hebel into their top end product, Signature by Metricon.

“We’re never quite satisfied with the status quo and are always on the hunt for innovative solutions that enhance our product offering,” says Peter.

“We are now at that tipping point where we would really like to try and increase the usage of Hebel across the board,” Peter tells us.

Hebel performs well for Metricon, helping them deliver stunning homes designed for the Australian lifestyle.

“We believe that Hebel can not only speed up our build process, but it also delivers a superior finished product”.

For Metricon customers, increased energy efficiency and acoustic qualities offered by Hebel products are highly beneficial.

“There are many benefits to using Hebel from a customer viewpoint, it ticks all those boxes as far as I’m concerned,” Peter says.

“Home buyers moving into their homes built with Hebel are very happy with the product and the way it operates for them,” he added.

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