Hebel proves to be a great alternative for Metricon

For award-winning home builder Metricon, innovative home design for Australian families relies on continual evolution and improvement.

Metricon’s General Manager for Victorian Housing Peter Langfelder believes that alternatives to traditional brickwork, such as Hebel, are beneficial for home builders and owners in today’s market.

For home builders, a shift away from brickwork and towards different materials is becoming more common.

“Right now we’re experiencing pressures within the labour force particularly for brick laying, so the use of products like Hebel aid a transition away from our reliance on bricks,” Peter says.

He explains that the combination of the strong market conditions and with the labour force diminishing, the price of brickwork is being driven up.

“People are looking for alternatives now and we’re certainly looking at what products we want to work with, that won’t compromise our home designs. Hebel was the most advanced for us.”


Metricon’s Bordeaux in Balwyn, Victoria

Peter believes Hebel delivers a high level quality product in the end, offering benefits such as acoustic properties and energy efficiency.

“Sustainability of homes is growing as a priority for our clients and the energy efficiency of Hebel is an added bonus,” he explains.

“Home buyers have been showing interest in energy efficiency for years and they want to see a return on their investment.”

Having been in the industry for 14 years, Peter has seen a trend towards alternative products like Hebel.

“Over time, the use of different types of lightweight cladding and alternative systems has grown enormously and I think it will continue to do so,” he explains.

“I believe alternative products are ready to accelerate here in Victoria. They are reaching a tipping point with the cost of brickwork and now products like Hebel are becoming a natural alternative.”

“That certainly elevates the viability of using non-traditional products like Hebel,” Peter adds.

Peter hopes that the use of Hebel in Metricon’s homes will continue to grow as it has been over the last few years.

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