Congratulations on the purchase of your new Hebel home

We are confident that you will enjoy living in your Hebel home – the incredible thermal properties of Hebel means it stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saving you in energy costs.  It’s also great for acoustics – creating a more quiet and peaceful home for you and your family.

Hebel 20 year product warranty

Hebel® Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels (“Hebel Products”) when used in low rise residential systems (for frame construction – up to 3 storeys) and handled, installed and maintained in accordance with the latest versions of Hebel Design & Installation Guides are warranted by CSR Building Products Limited (trading as CSR Hebel) for 20 years from the date of purchase.

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Q. How does Hebel perform when it comes to keeping my house warm in winter and cool in summer?

Hebel panels have superior insulation qualities compared to other masonry products, this means that it keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer with less of a reliance on heaters and air-conditioning and saving you in energy costs.

Q. Is Hebel as strong as brick?

Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement, making them strong, solid and a reliable choice for building your home. Tests have shown that Hebel and traditional brick have a similar impact resistance.

Q. I’ve seen Hebel used to build BBQs and letter boxes, can I really use it to build my house?

Hebel is a highly versatile building product, available in blocks or panels, and suitable for use in a range of applications. These include external walls, internal walls, flooring, decking, load bearing and non-load bearing walls and DIY projects such as BBQs, letter boxes and fences.

Q. I’ve heard Hebel cracks - is that true?

Hebel is a strong, solid building product, with a similar impact resistance to traditional brick. To prevent or minimise cracking, ensure that you use an recommended acrylic render system, applied by an experienced renderer.

Benefits of Hebel

Hebel delivers a range of benefits to both the builder and homeowner - it’s quick and easy to build with, better to live in, and a sustainable way to build.

Quality and speed

Strong and solid

Superior insulation qualities


Risk minimisation

What is AAC?

AAC was developed in Scandinavia over 70 years ago and is now used widely all over the world.

A lightweight masonry product, AAC replicates a mineral that already exists in nature and uses readily available raw materials such as sand, cement, lime and gypsum, which combined with water and an expansion agent, produces a high quality masonry material.

Hebel products and systems are designed and developed in Australia by CSR Building Products, and are rigorously tested to ensure a consistently high quality product, making building with Hebel efficient and low risk.

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How is Hebel made?

Check out this video to see how Hebel AAC is manufactured here in Australia.

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