2020’s Key Colour Trends

What are the trends that are really dominating this year? We sat down with Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour and Communications Manager for the Dulux Group, to get the answers!

Dulux’s 2020 Colour Forecast has revealed 4 key trends which are expected to continue this year and can be inspiration for those currently designing a new home, those considering making changes to an existing one and those with a passion for colour.


The ‘Cultivate’ Trend

“There’s no dismissing the pull and popularity of the wellness factor and the current focus on sustainability in Australian culture and we’re seeing this in colour as well,” says Lucena-Orr.

We’re seeing individuals filling spaces with greenery, and increasingly, a use of botanical prints and materials that are natural – such as timber and stone featuring in homes. “We’ve got some beautiful shades that could include a silvery green, ‘Dulux Powdered Gum’, which can be quite soft and calming” she remarks. “For a mid-base green, Te Aroha is a great colour from our Atlas that has a lot of depth.”

Green isn’t a colour that people generally find to be polarising as we see it all the time in nature. This is a trend that helps combat the business of urban living and cultivates a peaceful connection to nature.


Grounded Trend – Image: Dulux, Photographer: Lisa Cohen,  Stylist: Bree Leech,  Dulux Colour: Grey Reflection and Pancake Mix

The ‘Grounded’ Trend

This colour trend allows us to retreat into the warmth and comfort of familiar spaces and refers to a neutral palette. “Here, you’ll find that luxury has evolved. Luxury is about authenticity and understated beauty” says Lucena-Orr. “People are increasingly mindful of purchases we make and conscious that often less is more.”

These shades are pared back and uncomplicated. Think of honey timbers, tactile linens, pale leather and suede. It’s a textured colour palette that feels good to touch. “You may also want to consider a pale biscuit, ‘Dulux Pancake Mix’ or caramel – all the way through to muddy lavender” suggests Lucena-Orr. “Lastly, ‘Casper White Half’ is a great white. You need a neutral white when working with a brown base.”

Comeback Trend – Image: Dulux, Photographer: Lisa Cohen, Stylist: Bree Leech, Dulux Colour: Rear Wall – Blue Shell and Front Wall – Undersea


The ‘Comeback’ Trend

This colour trend refers to a predominately blue palette. “This is where individuality is more important than ever before and marks a safe space for your artistic pursuits” explains Lucena-Orr. “We look to the past for design inspiration – styles are mixed, moving from the arts of crafts movement through to mid-century modernism, through to a touch of the 80s.”

This colour palette features invigorating tonal blue shades highlighted with warm tones, such as rust and mustard that reinforce vintage story telling. Use contrast here to strike that balance. “Yves Klein blue was very big at Milan Design week in 2019 and this has been a big influence, as has other shades such as a softer ‘Dulux Cameo Blue Half’ advises Lucena-Orr.
This colour palette trend ultimately speaks to the creative spirit and inspires us to mix contemporary design with vintage pieces in an elegant and timeless way.


Indulge Trend –  Image: Dulux, Photographer: Lisa Cohen,  Stylist: Bree Leech, Dulux Colour: Rear Wall-Show Business and front wall Yolande, Featured Artwork: ‘Love’ by Scott Petrie, Fanuli


The ‘Indulge’ Trend

This colour trend refers to a modern art deco palette. “We have recently moved out of the ‘grey decade’ and are fast moving into our ‘brownish decade’” Lucena-Orr counsels. “From a base perspective, things are warming up.” This look is really about looking nostalgically at the 70s as well as modern art deco. The colours are lush and romantic, and you’ll find frayed edges, time worn finishes and really indulgent spaces that can be quite dramatic. “With this colour scheme think: burnt oranges and a shade called ‘Dulux Show Business’. You’ll also see brown based reds and lighter neutrals in subtle lilacs” she remarks.

The important thing to consider here is that greys are reducing in interiors but not necessarily with exteriors. If you have a dark grey brick, it’s worth highlighting with a lighter grey or a cooler white to work with it.

These trends serve as an inspiration starting point to help you find the colour palettes that may be the perfect fit for yourself, your family or those who share your home. More than ever, our homes signal safe spaces that we can enter, unwind, slow down and be ourselves in. The new trends in colour reflect this need.

Inspired by these trends.  Why not use them on your Hebel home? A Hebel rendered cladding can be the perfect blank canvas to bring your desired colour trend to life.

Top hero image – Cultivate Trend, Image: Dulux,  Photographer: Lisa Cohen,  Stylist: Bree Leech,  Dulux Colour: Te Aroha


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